What is VPO?

VPO - Virtual Publishing Office is webpage and web application administration system.

Through years of experience in webpage design we recognized that the customers need to manage the information they wish to present to the public themselves.

It is not possible through static web pages. They require a webpage designer to turn the information into a presentable form.

An idea was born for customers to refresh the web information themselves and bypass the middleman. In 2000 VPO was born.

What does VPO offer?

Since then, VPO has been improved and upgraded. The current version of the application, 4.0, enables:

Data entry

* user hierarchy (main editor, editor, text writer, language checker, etc.)
* text entry - simple webpages
* article entry - information listing
* moderated mailing lists
* polls

Form design and database organization

* preparation of forms for data entry
* UBB code entry for webpage design
* code table design
* control incorporation for individual form fields
* data relation - related articles
* uploading images and documents through a web interface

Webpage organization (visible to the user)

* tree structure - webpage categorization
* form submodules

Application basis

The core of the application enables various options for the presentation of customer's information through web pages. Specific applications for users like newspapers, web shops, sport event and statistics pages, portals, galleries and so on have already been designed.

Simultaneous administration of several webpages

VPO enables the control and design of several webpages simultaneously - it is suitable for webpage administrators.

What else does if offer?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - optimisation of webpages for web search engines

Webpages are designed so that they are search-engine suitable - meaning they are ranked higher.

Webpage interactions

Webpages are designed so that the visitors can communicate with customers by article commenting and so on.

RSS feed

... is a web service used in recent years, which enables the visitors to access the information without visiting the webpage.

Webpage login system (intranet)

... where visitors can access web content only when logged in.

VPO - Virtual Publishing Office

VPO blog

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Petrov & Petrov d.o.o.
Ljubljanska 27, 6230 Postojna
tel: +386 41 691 864
email: info@vpo.si


What does VPO require?

- FreeBSD or Linux
- PHP and PEAR

Who can use VPO?

VPO as a system is intended for advanced web users who are experienced in webpage design.

Majority of VPO users are web news services.

Writers (content creators) do not need additional computer knowledge.

VPO is also intended for webpage administrators who can use the system to design the webpages for their customers.