Website administration system

What is VPO?

VPO (Virtual publishing office) is a system for the administration of websites and applications.

VPO is not just a CMS, it is  a highly flexible environment  for creating a wide variety of websites and applications.

Who can use VPO?

VPO as a system is intended for more demanding users of the World Wide Web who already have some experience in designing websites.

The majority of websites that use VPO are of a news nature - online newspapers.

Copywriters (creators and authors of content) do not need special computer knowledge.

The VPO is also intended for administrators of websites, who can use the system to build websites for their clients themselves.

Highly customizable modules and structures

The data is organized as modules , which can be further organized into structures in order to achieve the multi-level categorization of data that is needed, for example, in online stores and online newspapers .

Since the properties of these modules are not fixed, but the modules are defined according to the customer's requirements, the question is completely superfluous - can we also put a survey, catalog, news on the page?

Of course you can, and more!

A wide variety of relationships can also be defined between modules, examples of use would be related articles, accessories for an article from the catalog, and the like.


Users authorized to manage data can be assigned different levels of access . Thus, we can separately define entry rights for text writers, proofreaders, editors, everyone can only update the data for which they are authorized .


The basic layout is available on the test environment at .

The username is , and the password is test.

Basic functionalities

The basic model contains

  • categories

  • articles

  • tags

It can be expanded as desired according to the client's wishes and needs.


The system relies on technologies

Rest API:

  • Node.js

  • Fastify

  • PostgreSQL

  • Prisma ORM

  • Typescript


  • Angular

  • programmable Milkdown text editor

Contact us

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Contact us at email  or at tel. +386 41 691 864 and we will be happy to try to help you.